Friday, June 10, 2011

Here we go.....

Good Friday evening all.
I am just playing around here and getting a feel for how this works.  It is a completely foreign to me, but give me a few short weeks and I will get the hang of it.
I am really not sure what this will turn into but I will guarantee it will be an adventure. So buckle up, and come for a ride with us.   You can expect to hear me talk about my daughter, wife, life and work. 

Joy and I have been together for almost 15 years.  SQ joined us just over 5 years ago.  She brings us to tears of laughter every day.   She is at the 'parrot' stage and we never know what will come out of her mouth.  She is just as animated as I am.  She has a stubborn streak, and I won't tell you where that comes from.   The other member of our family is our beloved Chocolate Lab.  He has a major addiction to tennis balls.  While he is getting up there in years he still has the heart and mind of a young pup. 

Our families are spread from South Florida to the North Georgia Mountains. We even have a couple of member’s way out in Oregon.  I'll make it out there on a road trip someday. Clark Griswald style all the way.  I prefer to use the back roads because you can still see America if you go that way.
 We have taken to gardening in the last few years. I began it to show SQ where and how veggies grow. Well I became hooked. Our first 5x10 foot garden has turned into a 40 x 60 foot spread.  We just began canning our own salsas and soon tomato sauce.  I am looking forward to cantaloupes in a few weeks  After that winter veggies are in store. This will be the first winter garden for us.  That in itself is amazement to those that know me. I have a great hatred for winter weather. 
Our copper work has carried us far in the last two years.  When we travel to shows the girls have a blast exploring the township we are in.   They come back to the show venue with so many stories about what they have seen.  We have a few more shows booked for this fall.  So if you are in the South-East we may be coming to your town sooner or later.   
 Through my work I have met some great folks. And along the way I have made several great friends.
I have learned so much from my Aspiring Metalsmiths Team. You ladies and gents are the best.
This past week I was asked to join a very exclusive group of artists and designers.  The group is called "The Artisan Group".  This group provides the 'swag' bags for the celebrities at events such as The Prime time Emmy's, Golden Globes, Espies and something called The Oscars.  I am honored to be a part of this group. 
As a result of this Copper Sunsets will be providing business cards for the Emmy Awards swag bags.

Great things are in store for us.  I hope you join us for the ride,


  1. Great first post! Keep it going...

  2. First post looks great Sam! You have some kinda tenacity. You are going far :)

  3. Nice post Sam. My hubby and I lived in your neck of the woods when we were first married many years ago. We lived in Albany, GA (pronounced All-beeny). Loved the weather and we still have good friends there to this day.